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Making My Apartment for Two Instead of One

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One thing you might know about me is that I have lived in 9 different apartments since moving to New York City 15 years ago. I am no stranger to decorating, redecorating, or packing it up and starting all over again.

So when I first moved into this space, which I envisioned being in for a long time, I designed everything exactly the way I wanted it. It was perfect for ME.

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But, fortunately for my heart and unfortunately for my furniture, when my fiancé moved in I had to redesign the apartment to not only fit his stuff, but his personality too, so that my apartment could feel like his home. It was extremely easy to do this with Wayfair!

The first thing we did was swap out the couch and get a few more chairs so we could host both my friends and his.  I already had a giant TV but for some reason men just need a giant couch to go with it.

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I was fine with having windows without drapes, but he wanted a way to have more privacy.

There were also a lot of little things we had to do, like changing the decorations of my shelves and making sure that I had photos of him so that he felt like he had his mark on our home just as much as I did.

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Another thing we did was ditched my delicate dresser situation, which was perfectly styled with trays, and got a giant wardrobe.

What I love about Wayfair is that they deliver so I doth have to shlep my way out to a store. Also they make it easy to shop by color and theme, which was very helpful for my Beverly Hills Hotel themed bedroom.

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Additionally, I am not someone that can own a super expensive rug because I have two dogs, and Wayfair makes it easy and affordable for me to get a new one whenever I need by having the best options.

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Making my apartment a home for two was no easy task, but Wayfair made it as easy peasy, and I am so happy to sharing my space with someone I love!

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